the players

Boschert,Ed, Ray,Tony &, Homestead Kirklie Twp
Brockel,Bill &. Soo Line section boss
Bugge; Owned general store
Colton; First settlers (see Johnson family history), laid out town
Conan' Dan, Effie see Johson history
Davy;Don, Ethyl,Joell, Don mail carrier farmed Burl Twp
Dixon'Jim&, Project residents
Duhamel(sp?); Art,Willie,Mother cook at rec center
Dobson; Ward, Shirleyfarmed Burl Twp
Fisher; Al, Jolene&, Al operated farm Kirklie Twp Project residents prior
Fuller; Charles,Orrison Charles mail carrier, kept bees near school, Orrison farmed near river
Goebel; Joe, Ken, Farmstead Kirklie Twp
Groshans; Don, Shirley &,  Owned first garage Burlington
Haider; Mike,Ervin, Leo, Bob &, early town residents
Hogy; early residents see Johnson history
Houston; Harold, Jack Mel& Early town residents
Johnson; Andrew,farmer Burlington Twp
Johnson; Ernest, Barb &, farmed Burlington Twp
Johnson; James, See family history
Kluver; Bill, Henry,Carrie, Bill farmed Kirklie twp, Henry early banker, car dealer, Ward Co commisioner
Lambert; Eldon, Early residents
Lazarus; Andrew, George, Carl&,homestead Kirklie twp
Kittelson; Al, Edith, operated general store
Madsen; Einar, operated general store,active in starting "project"
Marshall, Bill; Glenn,Clarence &, Farmed B twp
Miller; Al, Irene, Al drummer & Irene postmistress & piano teacher
Musch; Joe, Dick, Martha, Steve &, farmed Kirklie twp
Perlichek; Louis, Ed, Russel &, miners (Ed crippled in accident)
Remington; Vance, Jo,Gene,Bev,Joan, Owner Rec center, Vance community leader 
Roetter (sp?); Clouse, early town character, bachelor, handicapped
Ross; Geo Joann &, principal of school to end of high school
Schilling; Billie& early residents
Stack; bartender rec center
Stemen; Leo,Delwin,Myron &,  Leo well driller
Swanson; Charles, Anna, Art, Mabel, May,farmed Kirklie Twp, see Johnson history
Uller (sp?); Blacksmith, lived in shop, had fabulous old car
Wallace; Speed, father mine engineer Davis mine, Speed writer founded Speedway see Johnson history
Ziebarth (sp); Early town residents

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