Early Burlington

1. The School                    11. Hotel                                               
2. Church                           12. Bank
3. Dacolite Plant               13. Warehouse
4. Stockyards                    14. Elevator
5. Garage                            15. Lumber Yard
6. Rec Hall                          16. Elevator
7. Post Office                     17. Depot
8. Jail                                   18. Potato Whse
9. General Store                 19. Blacksmith Shop
10. Bank

This is the town as I remember in thirties. Many of buildings described in "Mines" are gone. The lumber yard also had a filling station on the corner with hand pumps. I remember eating at the hotel dining room before the fire. We watched the elevator (16) burn from the schoolhouse windows. My father makes no mention of the Dakalite Plant. It was for making wood stain and dyes from lignite coal and was located where the senior center is now.

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